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Stake Pool

Panda Panda Pool is a professionally managed Cardano staking pool.




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Panda Panda Pool - why stake with us?

Professionally managed

We have more than 10 years of experience in managing IT infrastructures for several Start-Ups and businesses.

Environmentally friendly

Our infrastructure uses 100% renewable energy.

Low fees

We currently have the lowest possible fees.

The fees will increase to 340 + 1% when we reach 1M staked ADA.

Receive NFT badges

If you stake with us, you can earn badges. Have a look at the available NFT badges!

Long term project

We are dedicated to the Cardano blockchain and its essence. We see it as a long term project that will change the world!


Do you have questions about staking with us?Contact us! we are here to help you!

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About Panda Panda Pool

Cardano Stake Pool since 2021

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10% of all rewards collected between June 2022 and Dec 2022 were sent out to 

Check out the details on twitter:

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Do I have to pay taxes on any profits I make from Staking Cardano?

Depending on your country, you have to pay taxes on the Stake Rewards. You can easily calculate the profit you made through staking on - click on the tab "Delegators", search for your stake-address and click on it. On the top you find the button "Tax":

How will the fees develop over time?

We started with the lowest possible fee. As soon as we reach 1M ADA active stake, we will increase the margin to 1% but keep the fixed fee to the lowest possible amount (currently 340 ADA).

How to stake to Panda Panda Pool?

In your Yoroi or Daedalus wallets , navigate to "Delegations" and search for our ticker "PPP" then click the "delegate" button.

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