Stake Pool

Panda Panda Pool is an environmentally friendly hosted and professionally managed Cardano staking pool.





Panda Panda Pool - why stake with us?

Professional managed

Vincent has more than 10 years of experience in managing IT infrastructure for several Start-Ups.

Environmental friendly

Our cloud and on-promise infrastructure uses 100% renewable energy.

Low fees

We currently have the lowest possible fees.

The fees will increase to 340 + 1% when we reach 1M staked ADA.

Receive NFT badges

If you stake with us, you can earn badges. Have a look at the available NFT badges!

Long term project

We are dedicated to the Cardano blockchain and see it as a long term project that will change the world!


Having questions about staking with us? Contact us and we are glad to help you!


About PandaPandaPool

Cardano Stake Pool since 2021

Wir sind von Cardano überzeugt und möchten einen Beitrag zum Eco-System beitragen. Einen Teil unserer Einnahmen spenden wir für gute Zwecke (z.B. Nachhaltigkeit)


Owner / SPO


Technical operator / SPO


PandaPandaPool will donate 10% of all collected fees till end of October to the VeriTree ITO.




Do I have to pay taxes on any profits I make from Staking Cardano?

Depending on your country, you have to pay taxes on the Stake Rewards. The profit you made through staking, you can easily calculate on - click on the tab "Delegators", search for your stake-address and click on it. On the top you find the button "Tax":

How will the fees develop over time?

We will start with the lowest possible fees. As soon as we reach 1M ADA active stake, we will increase the margin to 1% but keep the fixed fee on the lowest possible (currently 340 ADA).

How to stake to PandaPandaPool?

In your wallet, navigate to "Delegations" and search for our ticker "PPP" and click the "delegate" button.



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