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Interactive NFT

The first interactive NFT on the Cardano Blockchain! Combine your own Panda, layer by layer, and mint it as an NFT.

After you purchased all required layers, you can generate your NFT.

Earn PPP coin

Stake with PandaPandaPool to receive PPP tokens. For each rewarded ADA, you receive one PPP. Learn more about PPP tokens.


Buy the layers to build your NFT

Choose the layers for your custom Panda and buy them with the PPP coin.


Mint the Panda NFT

Once you own enough layers for a Panda, you can mint it with the PandaPandaPoolNFT Smart Contract.


Keep, sell or burn your NFT

You are free to do whatever you want with your NFT:

Keep it, sell it or burn it with the PandaPandaPoolNFT Smart Contract.

Let's create Together

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